Thursday, April 30, 2009

iBrew prt 3

It may be odd that this is part three but just go with it.

Here's the next batch I put together. I'm thinking this is a chocolate porter.

1.5 lbs chocolate malt, steeped twenty five minutes

1 ounce UK Gold Hops, add, boil one hour.

3.3 lbs dark LME

2 lbs dark DME

Add the extract, boil fifteen minutes further.

Ice bath. Move to carboy. I developed a yeast culture for this one. Used Munton's gold yeast and gave it a quarter gallon starter. Three days later it was ready to pitch. If you do this beer, you'll need a run-off hose and bucket to deal with it. Trust me, the last time I did it I used an airlock and the next morning I had fermenting beer all over my ceiling.

I've made this recipe before. It's really good. I claim this isn't a stout because I'm not using roasted barley or coffee barley. This is actually pretty standard. It's pretty much the same as a recipe kit. The only thing I added was another pound of chocolate barley. I'm actually making this one for a friend's wedding. They already gave me the go-ahead on this style.


  1. If you haven't brewed before and you have questions, please post them!

  2. I always use the runoff tube (end under water). I've never seen a brew where the initial fermentation wouldn't blowout an airlock.

  3. Yeah, there can be a couple reasons. If you're generally making dark beers, there will be a lot of run-off. Also if you have a smaller car-boy for obvious reasons. From what I've read, particularly pale-ales and red ales seem to have a less "vigorous attenuation phase" naturally. Of course, another reason one might not have run-off initially is not using enough yeast that have been woken up effectively. My first batch had that issue.